Pen Tablet

A pen tablet, also called a graphics tablet, digitizer, or drawing tablet is used to draw on or trace images from papers that are put on the flat surface of the tablet. It is usually connected to a computer at a USB port, but some models have a computer screen that shows the image right on the tablet. A pen is used to make graphics or draw pictures, much like a pen or pencil is used on paper. Another function of this device is digitizing, which is tracing an image from paper that is taped to the surface of the tablet. The pen is sometimes used instead of a mouse to navigate on the monitor. It is much easier to go to a particular spot on the monitor with the pen as opposed to a mouse. This feature is especially useful to artists and designers who work on pen tablets throughout the day.

Pen TabletThere are many different models available, including those for children that typically have the pen attached to the tablet with a cord. Tablets are often used by technical designers and for computer-aided design (CAD) that is computer drafting or design. Because the exact location is extremely necessary for these jobs, a puck may be used to manipulate the line on the tablet instead of a pen. Pucks may look similar to a mouse, but they can have many buttons that aid in locating a precise spot for technical uses. These tablets make writing in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean easier for residents of these countries who use them to write rather than typing on a keyboard.

Teachers also use pen tablets connected to a projector with notes that they have written, graphs, and other teaching aids on them. Educators who teach online also use tablets to explain complex information to students via the Internet. Students can copy the notes from the screen or the whiteboard. Interactive whiteboards are capable of producing wall size graphics that students can work from. Pen tablets are also often used by artists who create digital drawings and by photographers who use photo software to create digital graphics.

Tablets are sold in a variety of styles and cost a variety of prices as well. There are A6-sized tablets that are relatively cheap to buy and A3-sized tablets that cost much more. Pen tablets are a cheaper alternative to tablet PCs that can cost anywhere from $400 to several thousands of dollars. Pen tablets can be purchased for under $100 up to several hundred dollars. One model that is just over $100 and measures 12 inches by 10 inches by 0.4 inches in height, and it weighs just over two pounds. This digital graphic tablet is compatible with large monitors and will not have distortion issues. An ergonomically designed pen has 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity that makes it appropriate for many tasks, such as handwriting recognition, gesture recognition, and note taking. It can be used to trace images and to share graphics over the Internet.

Another model that sells for around $80 has a 6 inch by 10 inch working area that is very slim and lightweight. It has a cordless pen that can be used with Windows and MACs that provides better control than a mouse. It allows the user to make many different strokes and a variety of thicknesses to be used on different software. A slightly more expensive model that sells for about $200 has 2048 levels of pen pressure for exact pressure control. This model enables the user to edit photos to look professionally done. There are many more choices of pen tablets for sale online that make many computer tasks easier than ever to do.